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Bodily Damage from Uncontrolled Chronic Pain

Source: Bodily Damage from Uncontrolled Chronic Pain


How to Talk to Your Children About Death

Dancing On My Ashes

how to talk to your children about deathby Heather Gilion

“Mom, I don’t want you to die!”

I heard this sweet little voice break the silence before the sun even had a chance for it’s coffee. “Zachy, come here sweety.” Not the words you expect to hear first thing in the morning. I cradled my four-year-old in my arms, “Mom, please don’t die.” My stomach immediately turned over and over as I held my breath. Stroking his hair with one hand and pulling him in tight with the other, I said, “I know death is scary. I want to stay with you as long as I possibly can.” I could feel him hold me tighter. I held him tighter. “I love that God has made me your mommy. I ask Him all the time to let me be your mommy all your days. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we can trust Him completely. I know…

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A heartfelt letter from Mom to Daughter encouraging her to always keep her inner beauty

Brain Tumor Awareness May 19-24

One RT or reblog makes YOU an advocate for Brain Tumor Awareness! #BTAM #TeamDustin

Empire Kred

This month, we’ve determined to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) at the suggestion of their social media Ambassador, our own (e)TUMORWARRIOR.

We will be giving grey ribbons, there will be shop sales including badges, with 20% of the proceeds donated to ABTA, there will be small contests… and there will be a BIG CONTEST!

Brain Facts

Battle of the Influencers for #BTAM

Sign-ups for the Battle are now being accepted in the Grey Matters! event community. This thread is where you enter your ticker to be assigned to a team.

Teams will be assigned Friday, May 19, up to the beginning of the contest at 12 AM Eastern Time, Saturday, May 20.

Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • It will be a team contest. You sign up to play, and you will be assigned to a team. The team chooses its captain and determines how to use its…

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6 Ways to Manage Fibro Symptoms 

Source: 6 Ways to Manage Fibro Symptoms 

Type 3 Diabetes

How To Be More Comfortable In Your Skin Right Now