The Way We Advocate

Classroom to Capitol

I am helping to write a revised edition of a policy textbook and, as part of the instructors’ materials that will accompany it, the primary author wanted me to highlight some advocacy campaigns that are effectively using social media.

And, the thing is, I was kind of stumped.

Not because I couldn’t think of any good examples, but because, today, I don’t really see very many advocacy campaigns that aren’t integrating online and, in particular, social components into their work.

Even in the time since I started this blog, four years ago, social media’s role in advocacy has changed dramatically. For most of the organizations with which I work, it’s no longer a question of ‘experimenting’ with online outreach or perfunctorily adding a Twitter account.

Most often, the social media that is such a part of how we inform and engage today is woven into every aspect of our advocacy…

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