A Primer On Animal Advocacy

Dogpaddling Through Life

All animal advocates are not alike. In fact, there are two VERY different viewpoints about how animals should be seen. Today I’ll give a brief primer on the difference in the two camps. 


In one camp are the Abolitionists. Abolitionists believe that animals have rights and should not be used by people in any way. They promote a vegan lifestyle. They don’t believe any animals should be used to test any products ever. And they don’t believe animals should be kept as pets. Abolitionists believe wearing fur is wrong because animals should not be used to clothe humans. Period. PETA is an abolitionist organization.


And then there are the Welfarists. Welfarists believe animals can be used by humans, but only if treated humanely. They feel it’s OK to “own” animals. It’s OK to eat animals and animal products. But they do not believe animals should be used by humans…

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