Down Syndrome: Awareness to Acceptance

Kimchi Latkes

What is “awareness”? How can awareness be helpful? Can it be harmful? Where can it lead? October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. As I’ve watched and participated in various awareness efforts, I wrestle with the concept and all it entails.

Will an awareness month for my child’s genetic condition help create what I really want—a place at the table of a fully inclusive society? Can the “awareness” alone possibly give rise to the monumental shift that our society needs?

Myth Busting and the Power of Imagery

Awareness can teach that Trisomy 21 is not a disease, nor is it a medical issue in and of itself.  Individuals with Down syndrome are not predestined to think or act in specific ways simply as a result of carrying 47 chromosomes. Just like any other human being, how that 47th chromosome manifests in a person’s body is highly individual, can be positive as…

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